Thursday, July 20, 2006

i don't want to post

so i won't

but i will.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

One more car in the canal

so as you can guess from the title, yes there was another car in the canal at the same spot. not today mind you but it was this week. hmmm. whatever.

so other Aussie friend Neikah(had to check my phone so i would spell it right) is finally going home. BOO-ERNS TO THAT! but i can't make her stay. that just means that i have, yet another excuse to go to Australia. not like i really need one but that is beside the point. i wish her all the best and will miss her terribly. WAAAAAAAAAAHHH! *sniff*

work was good. sat in a different office and got a ton of real work done. thought i was catching up...but no. ah well. Denise left work and i don't know what i will do without her. she was my girl. as i told her though, the universe will provide. she will be great! i just know it.

we are going traveling again! WOOT WOOT! we are heading to Cork this coming weekend. i can't wait! finally we are moving again and i get to kiss the Blarney Stone. how cool is that?! also in one of our more.....random moments we thought it would be fun to pick a place that Ryanair flies to and just go! can't wait for that! i think we decided to do Bristol so i can take the gang around my old haunts in Chepstow and the surrounding area. that will be next month. EEEEEE! now that will be a blast!

and finally. something that makes you go hmmmmm?

singing in a language you make up is surprisingly entertaining.

much love and light to all the world. XO

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Day So Far

well it's been a regular day really. some new things though.

we got a new four -in-one machine for the office i work in. it copies, faxes, prints and scans. it's sweet but huge! it's like the Enterprise. i mean it blocks out the sun for god's sake! but whatever. it's next to Eamonn's desk so he can deal with the sounds of Darth Vader and Robocop in his ear while he is on the phone.

on the way home on the tram some lady got her baby carriage almost caught in the doors as the driver was not paying attention and began to close the doors. now i was right there so i caught the doors but was surprised that she nor her mother were fast enough to catch them themselves. i mean i have watched my mother(who's age will not be mentioned out of respect....and fear. she may be short but can still kick my ass.)catch a cup knocked off the table top, four inches off the ground! i thought those kind of reflexes came with motherhood. whatever. the lady did have a grand time "eating the face off"(new term meaning to yell at) the tram driver. i'm sure that made her feel better.

AND NOW FOR THE RECORD: Chris had thrown three, count 'em three! knives at me!!!!!

what's the deal with that?

so something a pod would do.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I totally forgot!

i totally forgot that on sat. pm. i was heading into town and saw, not one but two cars in the canal that runs along the LUAS(tram) line.

one car which happened to be on fire.

i love this country.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Canada Day for Everyone!

so happy Canada Day everybody! i know this is late but it's the thought that counts(or so i hear).

work this week was, all at once, boring and busy. i was just in one of those moods where everything, everything bores me. oh well. it passed.

the weather was really nice this weekend. today it was really still. i mean Ireland is an island so it should be windy but no and we live in the foot hills of the Wicklow moutains. it's like the same air was on the green by the house all week. ewww. cool tonight though. refreshing. calming. a balm to my thoughts. nice. calm.

met some friends on sat. pm. was great. had a blast. not so fun gettting a taxi home. correction...trying to get a taxi home. it took like two hours. i swear it's the same five cabs driving around and around. not picking anyone up! oh well. got to see the sun rise and still got to bed by five am.

i actually saw some people i know while i was out. weird. it's like i live here or something. two separate people. two separate people i know from two different places. strange.

i am ready to change. i think i need it. it's strange though. i am torn between going back to where i do want to be and where i want to go. it's like i am nowhere but have to option to be everywhere. what to do, what to do. hmmmmm. i just have to follow myself and let myself be me.

sounds like fun.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have to post cause my stupid sister said so...

she isn't reallt stupid...but she can be a bit og a dough-head.

so it's RANDOM TIME!!!!!!! YAY!

lets see....went to Canada. was great. got to see(almost) everyone. was awsome. really gave me some things to think about being so far away. got home and was lonley.

saterday i spent walking around with chris(roomie), marc(kiwi) and nava(new friend who i totally have a friend-crush on. she is so cool!) ate a burger. watched a movie. listened to live(good) irish music. tried strawberry beer. salsa danced for a bit.

for sunday i got volun-told(it's like volunteering but someone else tells you you are doing it) for a "Lark in the Park" kids fun day. was cool. some kids were not. kelly almost got run over by some guy on his horse. got a sunburn. naped. ate some great salad.


wore a paper envolope on my head at work today.

i read this somewhere and loved it.

" i don't suffer from insanity, i enjoy every minute of it."

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Hokay soh

i just finished eating some delicious fruit salad with the team and our fourth(fifth?) leg. (marc the kiwi)

as i am sure you have read from the other team members blogs we have had the house guest from hell! not only was she so self absorbed to border on socio-pathy, she was one of the most vacuous people i have ever had the displeasure of meeting.

she comes into our home and in less than twenty four hours blows our world wide open! she is our antithesis. our omega to our alpha. anti-matter to our matter. hyde to our jekyll. a pain to our ass!
but that's all done now. she has moved on and we can only hope to never hear from her again! to say anymore about this experience here would just be verbal masturbation.


it's over.